Doodle soup is a broth that’s made from the drippings of roasted chicken or game mixed with salt, vinegar, cayenne pepper, water, sugar and flour. Typically, it is eaten as a soup with crackers or some type of bread or poured back over the roasted meat as a flavoring.

    Today, there are many variations of the soup but the strong taste of vinegar remains a key characteristic of doodle soup.



    Before putting the meat into the roaster, add 2 tablespoons of cooking oil and 2/3 cup of vinegar. Roast chicken, rabbit, goat, pork or meat of your choice in oven.  Remove meat when it is done. Leave broth cooking on the stove top. Add the following ingredients to the broth:

    2/3 cup red distilled vinegar

    1 cup water

    Salt to taste

    Dried cayenne pepper to taste

    Gradually stir in flour until it begins to thicken. The amounts given here are for 1 broiler chicken or equal amounts of other meat. The recipe will need to be doubled for 2 chickens or double amounts of other meat.

  • A Sincere Thank You to the Special People That Cooked or Helped Prepare Doodle Soup at Our 2017 Festival!

    Paulette Anglin
    Rachel Arrington
    Sue Crocker
    Lucille Fisher

    Becky Frazee
    Donna Gibson
    Mary Harper
    Tommy Sue Howington
    Lamyrle Jones

    Sara Lannom
    Wanda Leach
    Betty Lou Patterson
    Wendy Richardson
    Valorie Rinks